Sunday, August 23, 2009

Mixin it up

It has been such a crazy few months...Where did the summer go? I taught a Beans and Rice class last week and have a Milk and Mixes class this week, on Wednesday the 26th. For those of you that come to my regular quarterly activity/class, you know all the work that goes into these classes. The Enrichment classes are much simpler and not as much food to taste. I spent the last week typing up recipes for the "Mixes" portion of the class. I am pretty excited to share these recipes and how making your own mixes can be economical and simpler.
I love the Magic mix and have used it a few times in the last few days. I used it to make cheese sauce for the funeral potatoes I made for dinner tonight. My daughter was home from college and she loves good comfort food like funeral potatoes.
I will post a few of the mix recipes next week. Crazy week ahead with my son starting Middle school on Tuesday, my Enrichment class on Wednesday and my mom coming for a visit on Friday. I don't see my mom that often, so we have a lot to catch up on.
If anyone is interested in the Enrichment class, let me know and I will email you directions and a time.