Sunday, May 23, 2010

A CURE for Morning Sickness or Nausea?

Who'd have thunk it, I would come up with a "cure" for MORNING SICKNESS!? It hasn't been proven on too many people yet, but My whole wheat flax seed bread has been helping people for awhile. I have changed the names a little, with my twisted sense of humor...
case #1: We'll call him Mitt. He moved into my neighborhood with a brain tumor. I took them a loaf of bread. It seemed to help him not be so nausious after chemo treatments. I would always try to make sure he had a loaf when he had chemo...something to look forward to. Now 3 years later at his last check up, tumor had shrunk to a very small dot and they were moving out. I miss taking Mitt my loaf of bread but atleast no chemo for awhile. YIPEEE.
case#2: We'll call her Tess. She was so sick with morning sickness she felt yucky all the time...I gave her a loaf of bread. She loved it and felt better every time she ate it.
case #3 Sauren, she was so ill with morning sickness. She couldn't keep anything down . I finally took her a loaf of bread. She had a piece at night before bed, the next sickness. She had a piece in the sickness all day. Hmmm I might be onto something.
I am contacting my OB/GYN to let him in on the recipe (He already calls me "Bread Lady") and see what happens.
If you want to try out the recipe and let me know what your experience is, I will post your story too. I may not have the cure to cancer, but could be for morning sickness.
You can email me at The recipe is located on my blog, a bit farther down.
Special notes for the recipe: Lecithin granules can be found at health food stores or Kitchen Kneads and other baking supply stores. Sometimes you can find it in bulk.
Refer your pregnant friends to the recipe too.

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  1. Awesome- I will not however, have another baby just to test it, lol!