Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wheat feast 2010

I taught another wheat class this last Saturday. I think it was better than last year's and I am getting to know Wheat better. Wheat and I are becoming good friends. Wheat is versitile...I like friends that are versitile. I can sprout Wheat and make a vegetable. I can grind it and make a meat alternative...meat from wheat, I can grind it and bake something savory or something sweet. I can make a hot or cold cereal with it.

Can you say that about very many other food items? Not too many.
For my Wheat feast 2010, I made Granola, a cold cereal, tortillas, graham crackers, bean patties,( gluten) wheat sweet and sour balls, chocolate chip cookies, pizza dough, cinnamon rolls, banana bars, brownies, french bread, 2 kinds of whole wheat bread (one using red wheat and one using white wheat), and a cinnamon raisin loaf. I sure learned a lot and what not to do. I am always learning and trying new things. I spend hours looking for new recipes and trying them out. I brought leftovers home (and then took various things to 2 different families) and my son said, "Mom I like it when you teach your wheat classes, because of all the good stuff".
He knows how to make me feel good.

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